Infinity And Nothing Indian Mathematics

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This is my fourth article in the series on History of Mathematics.  If the approach of Vedas to knowledge is different from the western concept of knowledge ( I have explained this in my last article), the approach for gaining such knowledge ,Apara , relating to mundane lifetime activities, which include Mathematics,in Indian system’ basic approach to basic axiom of Knowledge is totally different from the western concept.

Western system of thought has the basic concept as ‘ Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit’ – Out of Nothing, Nothing Comes’.

But Indian system’s axiom is

This is full,That is Full,Having Taken Full out of Full, Full remains Full.

ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पूर्णमुदच्यते ।
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥
Om Puurnnam-Adah Puurnnam-Idam Puurnnaat-Puurnnam-Udacyate |
Puurnnasya Puurnnam-Aadaaya Puurnnam-Eva-Avashissyate ||
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

1: Om, That (Outer World) is Purna (Full with Divine Consciousness); This (Inner World) is…

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