Purusha Suktam An Introduction


The Purusha Suktam is one of the earliest compositions that occurs in the Rig Veda.

There are Five most sacred mantras that are revered and chanted by the Hindus in Temples and at Homes on auspicious occasions.

People perform this on a Daily basis as a part of their Daily Pooja.

These Five Suktas are,

Purusha Suktam,

Nayanayana Suktam,

Vishnu Suktam.

Sri Suktam and

Durga Suktam.

These five Suktas are to be recited at the time of Bathing the Deity.

Details on How a God is to be Bathed may be seen in my Post filed Hinduism.

If one looks the Universe and its workings it would be evident that everything in the Universe takes place in a rhythmic pattern.

Stars are formed, decay, Die and are regenerated.

Plants , animals and Man are born grow, decay and die.

Seasons come and go.

Everything in the world takes something from…

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Yoga Sutra 1.36. Beyond Pleasure Sorrow Concentration


Mind, as explained is the cause of all our reactions, emotions. We get attached to things which we perceive . Objects do not by themselves cause neither pleasure nor pain. It is our attachment to them because of the values or importance we assign them that causes either pleasure or pain. One can observe what has caused us pleasure at one point of time will cause us pain or we become indifferent to it. Yet the object remains the same. For instance when I was young I use to take pleasure in riding a bicycle,now I find it to be painful to ride. Similarly the things I use to yearn for have lost their charms for me. But these objects remain the same. My reactions to them have changed.

What is the reason? I have changed,my values, priorities have changed. Physically I have changed, my circumstances have changed. So the…

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Rama’s Ancestor Manu Dravida, Bhagavatha Purana


I have been intrigued when I read about ancient History and Human migration.


It is said that a Group moved from the South Eastern portion, near Urals of the USSR to towards the east, south-east ans settled down in the land mass which was later christened as  India.


This is the beginning of the Aryan Invasion theory.


Another group moved in waves intermittently into Europe.


Some people of the first wave from this group settled down in Spain, North Africa.


Then came the second wave, people from this group settled down area which are now called Bulgaria, Hungary and Germany.


Curious is the fact that the same theory states that these people had driven out or mingled with the people in these areas , like the Gauls, Saxons.


My confusion is that if the earlier people had come into Europe only from the…

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