Poompuhar Founded Eleven Thousand Years Ago?


Now comes the tough part in determining the Timeline for Kaveri River.From Chola Copperplates evidence of Thiruvalankadu and the genealogical table by the Purans,it becomes evident that Cauvery River was brought to earth by Chitradhanvan Chola, emulating his ancestor Bhagirath who brought Ganga River to Earth.This would place Cauvery River timeline and consequently date of Poompuhar to Treata Yug,which is atleast a 900,000 years ago( We are in Kaliyug now; Dwapar Yug preceded this lasting for 8,64,000 years).

However, dating of Ramayana places it around 5114 BC, that is about Seven thousand years ago.

The conundrum is because of Time being Cyclic and not Linear.

The origin of Kaveri river is associated with Sage Agastya and it was brought to earth by him.We find references to Agastya ,apart from references to him in Puran, Vedas,is mentioned in Vedas. He imparted Adhitya Hruday stotra to Sri Rama to shrug of his…

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Indra Vizha Festival Celebrated First in North By Chedi Chozha


Now more information about Uparichara Vasu, Thodiththol Chola.He was the first King to conduct a Festival for Indra called Indra Vizha in Tamil. Silappadikaram ,one of the five Epics of India,devotes a chapter ‘ Vizhaa Kaathai, விழாக் காதை.This contains detailed procedure to be followed in the festival which was a sort of Thanksgiving to Indra.Contrary to what is known, this Festival was started in the North ,in Chedi Kingdom by Uparichara Vasu, a Chozha King. Check this Link https://www.whatisindia.com/inscriptions/south_indian_inscriptions/volume_3/no_205_aditya_ii_karikala.html#_ftnref7

Krishna Lifts Mountain.

Krishna Lifts Mountain Indra Vizha By Early Cholas


Uparichara was a king of Chedi belonging to the Puru Dynasty. He was known as the friend of Indra. During his reign, Chedi kingdom had a good economic system and contained much mineral wealth, which made a lot of merchants around the world, come to the Kingdom. It was abundant in animals and corn. There…

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Chola Satyavrata Conquered Kasiraja Varanasi


The information we get from Purans and Ancient Tamil Sangam Literature and Copperplates evidence reaffirm the close proximity,nay the total identification of ancient Tamil Kings and Genealogy as listed out in Purans. References in Ramayana and Mahabharata also reaffirm.

One finds

  • Uparichara vasu was a king of the Puru lineage and his grandson was Veda Vyasa.
  • Pallavas From Turvasu Dushyant Puru Dynasty, Cholas Cousins
  • Muchukunda Chozha Ruled From North Western India with Mandhata
  • Sixteen Emperors of India Mahabharata List Chola Among Them
  • Chozhas Were In North , permanently Settled in South In Dwapara Yug?

You may find these details at this site.

According to the Genealogy by Purans and by Thiruvalankadu Copperplates,Satyavrat conquered the King of Varanasi and was also called Rudrjit.’in his family was born Satyavrata who conquered Kasiraja, the king of Varanasi (i.e., Benares) (v. 25)

Satyavrat came from the Chola lineage, one of his ancestors being…

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Vimana Sastra Proved California Why Denial Mode ?


I have written articles on Vimanas, Aircrafts mentioned in Ancient Sanskrit texts of India. Vimanas are also mentioned in Ancient Tamil texts. These texts include Puran Ramayana, Mahabharata,and Sangam Literature of Tamil.The Vaimanika sastra by Sage Bharatwaja describes the type of Vimanas. I had also quoted information that Sri.Josier of Mysore Karnataka wrote a book and Sri. Talpade flew it.

The Rig-Veda, the oldest document of the human race includes references to the following modes of transportation: Jalayan a vehicle designed to operate in air and water (Rig Veda 6.58.3).

Kaara- Kaara- Kaara- a vehicle that operates on ground and in water.

(Rig Veda 9.14.1)

Tritala- Tritala- Tritala- a vehicle consisting of three stories.

(Rig Veda 3.14.1);

Trichakra Ratha,a three-wheeled vehicle designed to operate in the air.

(Rig Veda 4.36.1)

Vaayu Ratha, a gas or wind-powered chariot.

(Rig Veda 5.41.6)Vidyut Ratha a vehicle that operates on electromagnetic power.

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Veda Vyasa Grandson Of Thodiththol Chola Uparichara


In my earlier articles, I have traced the ancestry of Chozha Kings based on Thiruvalankadu Copperplates evidence and validated it by Brahmanda Puran and Mahabharat.These texts mention Chozhas prominently as having been linked to Suryavansh,Solar Dynasty.They are Muchukunda, Sibi ,Manuneedhi and Thodiththol Chola.Muchukunda Chozha is referred to in Tamil classics and Sthala Puran of temples in Tamil Nadu. He is associated with Sapthavidanga Sthalas in Tamilnadu. Sapthavidanga Sthalas.

Emerald Siva linga at Uttarakosamangai, Tamil Nadu

Sibi Chozha built the Pundarikaksha Temple at Thiruvellarai near Sri Rangam,Tamil Nadu.

Manu ,the first Human was from Dravida Desa and was an Emperor. His son Ikshvaku founded the Ikshvaku,Solar race,to which Sri Rama belongs. Manu had a daughter Ila .Through her came the Chandravansh, ,Lunar Dynasty.Puru,Kuru and Yadu dynasties have sprung from this dynasty.Chozhas trace their genealogy References to this are also found in Silappadikaram, Manimekalai and Sangam Literature Puranaanuru.

Uparichara vasu was…

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Sanatana Dharma Answers My YouTube Videos


I have been receiving requests that I start a YouTube channel on the lines of what I am writing in RamanisBlog. This suggestion started in 2016. I kept on postponing my decision because I am not technically proficient in running a channel. I just about manage writing this blog for the past ten years.

The suggestion was reinforced in UK during last year by the people who attended my lectures in London, Bradford.And I was asked by my close friends in India and US to start a channel to rebut the secularists and to inform the concepts of Sanatana Dharma in simple modern terms without resorting to Pravachan style

And it has become necessary to inform people of the latest Archeological finds that confirm our History as detailed in our Purana , Ithihasas, Sthala Puranas, References in regional languages of India.

In short people wanted Ramanis blog in an audio…

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Sixteen Emperors of India Mahabharata List Chola Among Them


History of ancient India is very interesting and it would need patience and perseverance to go through the volumes upon volumes left by our ancestors in the form of Puran, Ithihasa and Sthala Puran. Added to this are the texts in Regional languages of India,like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali.Then there are temple Epigraphs.Despite all this, people say India did not historical records!

Though many dynasties had been in India,two dynasties,Surya, Solar and Chandra,Lunar Dynasties are the ones from which all others have sprung .This includes Ancient Tamil Kings Chola,Andhra Kings.

The Chola Emperor mentioned as one of the sixteen, Shodasa,is Sibi also called as Usunira Vasu.

The first major war was fought in India,World’s First War Immigration 5000 BC Dasarajnya Harappa

First Emperors were also from India. Mahabharat gives a list of sixteen( Shodasa) Chakravarthins.

‘When the Rajasuya Yagya was conducted by Yudhishthira, rishi Vaishampayana described to him a list…

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Andhras From Puru Dynasty Brothers of Pāṇḍya, Kerala, Cola and Kulya


The ancient Kingdoms of India were more than two hundred.Research shows that there were about 230 Kingdoms, where people lived and had an identity which is akin to the concept of ‘Nation’. The areas covered were huge. One must remember that the landmass during those ancient days was quite different.Ancient Indian texts mention Seven Rivers and kingdoms flourished on the banks of these Rivers. The Rivers are,

  • Ganga
  • Yamuna
  • Godavari
  • Saraswati
  • Narmada
  • Sindhu
  • Kaveri

These seven are not the only Rivers. There were many more major Rivers.However , these Rivers are mentioned because of the kingdoms that rose there were quite powerful and continued for a long period.

While tracing the genealogy of Cholas to Ikshvaku Dynasty, my studied led me to the Andhras. I had in my earlier posts mentioned that none of the Indian languages are less than 5000 years old and that each region of India, like…

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