Vedic Sutras 29 On Mathematics Explained.

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This is the third part of my series on History of Mathematics. In my earlier articles, I had explored the concept of mathematics and how and where it emerged from. Though mathematics had made its way in India very early ,in Vedic texts,among mathematicians who lived before Christ,in Jainism/ Buddhism and in the language I am familiar with (in which I can read ancient texts)Tamil. I shall write about them. Now I shall attempt at the references to Mathematics in Vedic texts. One may note that the oldest literature known to man, Rig Veda is dated about 5000 years. My view is that it is older at least by few thousand years. I had written articles on this topic in this blog.

Vedas are called the Sabda Pramana. It means that Vedas are one of the tools of knowledge and it represents testimony. Vedas are Testimonies of Seekers of Truth…

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