Numerous UFOs Seen in Ukraine Astronomers Video Radar Records 2022


Ukrainian Astronomers Claim UFOs Everywhere in Kyviv

Eventhough UFO sightings are dismissed as figment of imagination, it keeps cropping up. However the present approach to UFOs is not as hostile as it was a decade ago. NASA / CIA has released classified files on UFOs. I have blogged on these released files in this site.

Now as we are witnessing the war in Ukraine, there is a report by Astronomers in Ukraine declaring that the Ukrainian sky is lit up by UFOs.

A report and images from New York Post dated 22 September,2022.


The surprising claims were outlined in a new research paper published by the Main Astronomical Observatory of Ukraine’s National Academy of Science Unidentified area phenomena .
The paper, titled “Unidentified area phenomena I. Observations of events,” claims that researchers have detected numerous UFOs from two meteor observation stations in Kyiv and the village of Vinarivka, about…

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