Edwina Nehru Love Special Sweet, Will be Tactful Help- Mountbatten.


Though it may not be polite to write about the personal affairs of a Public figure, I am compelled to write on Nehru as he more or less ran India as his fiefdom and his heirs till about Seven years ago, though elected democratically, were ruling, I repeat Ruling India. He was / is being described as to give the impression that he alone,along with Gandhi was responsible for India attaining independence.He is touted as a great literatuer, a visionary and a man who projected India as a modern power to the world.Excepting the fact that he was the man who gave priority to Industry,many would say at the cost of Agriculture, I do not see anything he has done more that a Prime Minister ought to have done.His much touted foreign policy satisfied his ego and India was considered as a vassal of the British among the comity…

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