Poompuhar Founded Eleven Thousand Years Ago?

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Now comes the tough part in determining the Timeline for Kaveri River.From Chola Copperplates evidence of Thiruvalankadu and the genealogical table by the Purans,it becomes evident that Cauvery River was brought to earth by Chitradhanvan Chola, emulating his ancestor Bhagirath who brought Ganga River to Earth.This would place Cauvery River timeline and consequently date of Poompuhar to Treata Yug,which is atleast a 900,000 years ago( We are in Kaliyug now; Dwapar Yug preceded this lasting for 8,64,000 years).

However, dating of Ramayana places it around 5114 BC, that is about Seven thousand years ago.

The conundrum is because of Time being Cyclic and not Linear.

The origin of Kaveri river is associated with Sage Agastya and it was brought to earth by him.We find references to Agastya ,apart from references to him in Puran, Vedas,is mentioned in Vedas. He imparted Adhitya Hruday stotra to Sri Rama to shrug of his…

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