Indra Vizha Festival Celebrated First in North By Chedi Chozha

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Now more information about Uparichara Vasu, Thodiththol Chola.He was the first King to conduct a Festival for Indra called Indra Vizha in Tamil. Silappadikaram ,one of the five Epics of India,devotes a chapter ‘ Vizhaa Kaathai, விழாக் காதை.This contains detailed procedure to be followed in the festival which was a sort of Thanksgiving to Indra.Contrary to what is known, this Festival was started in the North ,in Chedi Kingdom by Uparichara Vasu, a Chozha King. Check this Link

Krishna Lifts Mountain.

Krishna Lifts Mountain Indra Vizha By Early Cholas


Uparichara was a king of Chedi belonging to the Puru Dynasty. He was known as the friend of Indra. During his reign, Chedi kingdom had a good economic system and contained much mineral wealth, which made a lot of merchants around the world, come to the Kingdom. It was abundant in animals and corn. There…

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