Nellai Vasanthan Beyond Science Enigma Of Ancient Tamil Wisdom

Ramani's blog

I am by faith an Advaitin, and apply logic wherever possible,eventhough I know logic is a duble edged sword that Destroys one’s quest for Spiritual development.Spirituality is to be Experienced and Felt. It can not be felt ,nor understood by Logic. We, in our Life ,follow many things which have no logic. First among them is Life, Why am I born and why do I die and what do I do here?Nor can logically explain emotions excepting to describe them .I can not explain many things in the Universe.Yet, l apply Logic!

You come across things, persons and events that defy logic. I have documented my experiences with paranormal in my articles.

As to esoteric sciences, I hold Tantra Sastra in high esteem. Though I have a very high opinion of Astrology in its accuracy of predicting Universal Events, I look with scepticism it’s efforts in predicting individual life’s events…

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