Yoga Sutra 1.36. Beyond Pleasure Sorrow Concentration

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Mind, as explained is the cause of all our reactions, emotions. We get attached to things which we perceive . Objects do not by themselves cause neither pleasure nor pain. It is our attachment to them because of the values or importance we assign them that causes either pleasure or pain. One can observe what has caused us pleasure at one point of time will cause us pain or we become indifferent to it. Yet the object remains the same. For instance when I was young I use to take pleasure in riding a bicycle,now I find it to be painful to ride. Similarly the things I use to yearn for have lost their charms for me. But these objects remain the same. My reactions to them have changed.

What is the reason? I have changed,my values, priorities have changed. Physically I have changed, my circumstances have changed. So theā€¦

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