SEBI Officials Locked Up NSE Scam Lakhs Of Crores PC Cabal

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Normally you do not expect Express Newspaper criticising exposing Congress Party and It’s leaders, save during the period of Sri.Goenka,who fought Emergency tooth and Nail when it was imposed by Indira Gandhi because she was disqualified in an election.

There have been ,are scams by the Congress party,which was gloriously started by TTK with Mundra Scam, followed by Nagarvala, Maruti,Purulia Arms drop,Bofors, Lalbhadur Shastri’ s death,Harshad Mehta ,….to top it all… 2 G scam.

Many characters of these irregularities , scandals, cheating are known to people by and large,some are invisible and some,though visible blatantly deny arrogantly with a single sentence.The top invisible man of Congress,in whom rested the entire history with facts and figures ,is gone,Ahmed Patel.

The other gentleman is a Learned, erudite was a central minister in the UPA, occupying very important portfolios. Any allegations against him is dismissed by him derisively with a waving of arms…

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