History Of Mathematics Preface Bakshali Manuscript

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I have been searching for some information relating to mathematics and I came across Bakshali manuscript . It is in Sanskrit and dated at AD 224–383/ 885–993 (proposed carbon-dates, recently disputed on methodological grounds: Plofker et al.) It’s script is Sharada and is said to have been in vogue in what is now Kashmir.I was curious because one finds advanced mathematics and scientific concepts in ancient Sanskrit literature, including the Eighteen Puran and Ithihasas, not to speak of Vedas. One finds advanced mathematics concepts in Chamaka of Sri Rudra. Maths DNA Mitochondrial Base Pairs In Chamakam Rudram Obviously, an attempt to bypass Indian history is at work.I pursued my search. I found references first to Greeks,Romans then to Sumeria and Mesapotamia.

The earliest mathematical texts available are fromMesopotamiaandEgypt–Plimpton 322(Babylonianc. 2000 – 1900 BC), theRhind Mathematical Papyrus(Egyptianc. 1800 BC)and theMoscow Mathematical Papyrus(Egyptian c. 1890 BC)…

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