Source Texts Of Hinduism Ratna Trayi

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When people ask whether the Hindus have any scriptures to follow, the general answer is that Hinduism, Sanatana Dharma does not have any standard/specific texts to follow. This is because, as Dr. Radhakrishnan has observed , Hinduism is not a view of life but a Way Of Life.The philosophical systems are known as ‘Shad Darshanas’. That is Six systems of Philosophy. The term Darshana means, in this context, Perspective ‘. What it means is that each system has A Perspective. Reality is something that is Beyond Words,Space,Time,Thoughts. As such, one can not understand the full aspects, Attributes of Reality but only a Perspective of It. This depends on one’s disposition and efforts in realising the Reality,whose general Attributes are,

  • Sat,Being,
  • Chit, Consciousness
  • Ananda,Bliss.

These aspects can Experienced and never known. Reality is not an Object of Cognitive Intelligence or Cognition.So any Experience of Brahman, Reality can be only that of…

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