Chola Satyavrata Conquered Kasiraja Varanasi

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The information we get from Purans and Ancient Tamil Sangam Literature and Copperplates evidence reaffirm the close proximity,nay the total identification of ancient Tamil Kings and Genealogy as listed out in Purans. References in Ramayana and Mahabharata also reaffirm.

One finds

  • Uparichara vasu was a king of the Puru lineage and his grandson was Veda Vyasa.
  • Pallavas From Turvasu Dushyant Puru Dynasty, Cholas Cousins
  • Muchukunda Chozha Ruled From North Western India with Mandhata
  • Sixteen Emperors of India Mahabharata List Chola Among Them
  • Chozhas Were In North , permanently Settled in South In Dwapara Yug?

You may find these details at this site.

According to the Genealogy by Purans and by Thiruvalankadu Copperplates,Satyavrat conquered the King of Varanasi and was also called Rudrjit.’in his family was born Satyavrata who conquered Kasiraja, the king of Varanasi (i.e., Benares) (v. 25)

Satyavrat came from the Chola lineage, one of his ancestors being…

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