Veda Vyasa Grandson Of Thodiththol Chola Uparichara

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In my earlier articles, I have traced the ancestry of Chozha Kings based on Thiruvalankadu Copperplates evidence and validated it by Brahmanda Puran and Mahabharat.These texts mention Chozhas prominently as having been linked to Suryavansh,Solar Dynasty.They are Muchukunda, Sibi ,Manuneedhi and Thodiththol Chola.Muchukunda Chozha is referred to in Tamil classics and Sthala Puran of temples in Tamil Nadu. He is associated with Sapthavidanga Sthalas in Tamilnadu. Sapthavidanga Sthalas.

Emerald Siva linga at Uttarakosamangai, Tamil Nadu

Sibi Chozha built the Pundarikaksha Temple at Thiruvellarai near Sri Rangam,Tamil Nadu.

Manu ,the first Human was from Dravida Desa and was an Emperor. His son Ikshvaku founded the Ikshvaku,Solar race,to which Sri Rama belongs. Manu had a daughter Ila .Through her came the Chandravansh, ,Lunar Dynasty.Puru,Kuru and Yadu dynasties have sprung from this dynasty.Chozhas trace their genealogy References to this are also found in Silappadikaram, Manimekalai and Sangam Literature Puranaanuru.

Uparichara vasu was…

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