Pallavas From Turvasu Dushyant Puru Dynasty, Cholas Cousins

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When I search for the lineage of Kings from South of Vindhyas, i come across information that is startling in terms of its historic value and also how the records in the South in the form of Epigraphs agree with records found in Puran, Ramayana and Mahabharata: and Harivamsa of Kalidasa and Rajatharangini of Kalhana.

I had traced the genealogy of Cholas to Ikshvaku. In the process I was able to identify the Chola Kings of Treta Yug , Dwapara and Kaliyug. I shall be tracing the genealogy y Pandyas and Cheras shortly.

We have more dynasties in South which are ancient. One of them is the Pallava Dynasty to which Mahendra and Mamalla/ Narasimha Pallava belong.These are the kings who have built the wonder that is Mahabalipuram Cave temples.

It is believed that Simha Vishnu founded this dynasty.

Fact is that the Pallava Dynasty was founded by Marutta.( Turvasu…

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