First Vietnam King A Tamil Thirumaran, Kiu Lien


The spread of Bharatavarsha throughout the world is a fact for those who study History with an open mind.

All the languages of India had/has a agreat role to play in the evolution of Santana Dharma.

As I know only Sanskrit and Tamil, I am writing on the basis of information available in these languages.

Wish I knew more languages!

Flags Of Tamil Kings.jpg Flags Of Tamil Kings.

Tamil ,as one reads History and Sanskrit from Indian sources, would know, it runs parallel to Sanskrit.

I have written quite a few articles on this subject.

The Tamils were followers of Sanatana Dharam and i m of the view that the Sanatana Dharma of the Dravidas,the South of India,preceded the one in North India.

Please refer my posts on this.

I shall be posting a series on Sanatana Dharma Shiva where I shall deal with this subject in detail.

The Kingdom of the Tamils extended…

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