Chola King Son of Bharatha Grandson of Dushyantha Evidence


There are numerous references in Chola Epigraphs to Sanatan Dharma, Vedic practices and Chola genealogy. Cholas trace their genealogy to Ikshvaku Dynasty/ Suryavansh.They proclaim that they belong to Kashyapa gotra.First human being Manu, father of Ikshvaku was a Dravidian Emperor, Srimad Bhagavad Puran observes. Sri Rama’s ancestor Sibi ruled from What is now North West province of Pakistan.He is mentioned in Vishnu Puran. Ikshvaku had a sister named Ila, after whom Tamil Elam, ஈழம், is derived.She founded the Lunar Dynasty, Chandra vamsa to which Pururavas belongs.

Thiruvaalankaadu Copperplates.

Cholas, like other Dynasties of South India, Chera,Pandya, Pallavas, have recorded ,as mentioned earlier their genealogy, among other things in Epigraphs/ Copperplates.One such is Thiruvaalankaadu Copperplates. Thiruvaalankaadu Copperplates were from The period of Madhurantaka Chola, Uncle of Rajendra Chola, though it is tradition to attribute the Copperplates to Rajendra Chola,as major entries were made in the Copperplates from the sixth year of…

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